Weighing The Odds – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Vaccination. Syringes with vaccine and space for text. 3dFor me the decision is easy. I will not vaccinate my children anymore. Of course, it took a horrible vaccine injury (and 1000′s of hours of research) for me to come to that conclusion.

For new mommas, the decision is hard and I respect the choice. I try and talk to someone daily about our story to save another family from walking our path.

Here is the typical conversation:

Other Person: Aren’t you scared of your child catching those horrific diseases?

Me: What horrific diseases? Which specific illness are you scared of?

Other Person: Ummm. The ones they vaccinate for.

Me: Measles?

Other Person: Uh Yeah. That one.

Me: No, there are over 300 million people in our country and the “epidemic” this year only affected about 500 people. The odds you are going to catch measles are very low and even if you do, average recovery time is 1-2 weeks. Do you know what the average recovery time for Kennedy’s epilepsy, Dravet is?

Other Person: No.

Me: There is not one, the doctors tell me she will have this forever. No deaths from measles this year or last year or the year before or…I think you get the picture. On the other hand, for only 500 cases of Dravet in the US, the mortality rate is 15-20%. I would have preferred the measles (about 100x over) vs. what the vaccine did to my daughter.

When you have a child, your first inclination is to protect them from everything. So vaccinating seems logical, right? You want to prevent your child from being sick, but in reality, you are creating more problems by trying to manipulate their immune system. My children were sick all the time when we were vaccinating and now (knock on wood) they haven’t been sick in almost two years (It’s been five years since we stopped vaccinating).

Death is not a common side effect of anything we vaccinate against so stop letting fear overrun common sense.

Here are the average recovery times for the illnesses we vaccinate for per the CDC:

Measles – Average recovery time 1-2 weeks

Mumps – Average recovery time 7-10 days

Rubella – Average recovery time 1-3 days

Pertussis – Average recovery time 1-2 weeks but cough can last much longer

Chicken Pox – Average recovery time is 7-10 days

Why go through the risk of getting a lifetime sentence of something below when the average recovery time of something above is so low? Here are a list of the vaccine induced illnesses that don’t have a recovery time associated with them:



Food Allergies



Genetic Mutations

If I could do this all over again, I would avoid vaccines altogether. Vaccines have no benefit whatsoever, whereas getting the illnesses we vaccinate against, gives lifetime immunity. Instead I am left with a catastrophic syndrome that I never knew was a side effect of vaccines. Do your research, put fear aside and talk to the older generations who not only contracted these normal illnesses but survived them as well.

If you need resources on where to start your journey on vaccines, start with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny “To date, I have logged well over 18,000 hours of personal time researching to expose this 200-year mistake (vaccines). I have collected more than 5,000 mainstream articles into my subscription website, the Vaccine Research Library. These articles, and more, lay bare the travesty, greed, conflicts of interest and sordid politics behind vaccination.
I look forward the day when parents stop poisoning their children because they blindly follow the advice of an under-informed “authority figure” in a White Coat.”

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  1. Tori says:

    Love your site! I found you through a Thinking Moms link. My son is recovering from apraxia, asthma, eczema, and food allergies. He is now 6 and I stopped vaccinations when he was 18 months. I also have a 10 year old boy with belly issues and recent mild food allergies and asthma. He is also up for some vaccines. I have done some research, but I’d really like to dive in and research further so I can be 110% confident in my decision. Love the conversation example above and also Dr. Tenpenny’s link. Thank you!

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