We Were Already Weird and Now This: Giving Cannabis Oil To Our Child

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About 6 months ago I posted on Facebook that I felt like we belong on a different planet. I truly meant it and here are the reasons I posted:



We do not own a microwave.

We have no canned food in our pantry.

We have no bleach or any other toxic cleaning products in our house.

We do not use pesticides.

Our kids take detox baths every night.

Kennedy has no idea what the inside of any fast food restaurant looks like.

We have a whole house water filtration unit on our home.

We don’t buy plastic water bottles.

Our income goes more towards food than any other expense besides house and cars.

Our daughter with epilepsy has not seen a neurologist in almost four years.

We don’t vaccinate anymore.

Our kids are homeschooled.

We strongly believe in chiropractic care.

We buy our animals GMO free food.

And the list goes on and on……

So, that single post received more “likes” than any other post I have ever done on my page. And that to me was weird in and of itself. If I feel that out of place because of the things we do, are people liking the post because A. they agree we are weird or B. there are more people like us than I thought??

Either way, we are not like most people and that’s okay, but now our list grew even weirder. We are giving Cannabis to our child. She is six. Of course with the 100′s of hours of research I have put into this subject, I don’t feel weird for giving it to her, but I feel weird because of the social stigma.

Most people just don’t understand the hows or the whys of how we came to this decision. And there is nothing I can do to convince them otherwise. Just as I don’t believe in cooking food in a microwave, I would rather try natural alternative medicine before resorting to pharmaceutical medicines that WILL harm my child.

There are no recorded deaths with the treatment of medicinal marijuana. Benzodiazepines, well, have a read here, the title most appropriately called Is This The World’s Deadliest Pill?

And so how exactly are we weird? We chose a natural form of medicine that is proven to help instead of the world’s deadliest pill which is prescribed in 100% of Dravet cases. I feel pretty smart, weird, but smart!



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