The Outcome – Our Trip to Costa Rica

CR Post 4 Picture - Landscape

I had so many mixed emotions during the trip and although I wanted to go home at the beginning, I think that was more due to the house we had rented, not Costa Rica. Are there certain luxuries that you would have to live without? Yes, ultimately it’s still a developing country. The last night we were there we moved [...]

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Easily Make Your Own Bug Repellent

Bug Repellant Post - Kennedy

Within 24 hours of touching down in Costa Rica, Kennedy was covered with over 15 mosquito bites. I freaked out because I cannot put any type of store bought bug spray on her (organic or not). Well necessity really is the mother of all invention and within a few hours I had whipped something up that would even make the [...]

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The GOOD – Our Costa Rican Trip

CR Post 3 Picture - Produce

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is simply gorgeous. We stayed in three places on the ocean (like walk from your door to the waves in 10 seconds). It was breathtaking every day even during the big storms. While staying on the beach, we saw a total of 2 helicopters and 1 [...]

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Packing For Vacation; GAPS Style

Vacation Blog Picture 4

We have been on the GAPS diet for over 2 years. We traveled last June to the Bahamas and this year we are traveling to Costa Rica. Last year we stayed at a resort and this year we will be staying at a house on the beach. Both places have full kitchens so cooking isn’t a problem. The problem is [...]

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Our Wildlife Adventures in Costa Rica

Wildlife Post Picture 2

There was much wildlife to see in Costa Rica. The crabs alone were pretty amazing and the iguanas are everywhere. In our first housing complex there lived a monkey that the kids could feed bananas to and a tree that the macaws would come settle at every afternoon. The first wildlife place we visited was the Neofauna Butterfly Farm right [...]

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The Good, The Bad, The Outcome – Our Trip To Costa Rica

Part 1 CR Pic

When Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey and New York, I watched in horror as several families went without food and struggled to survive. Hit especially hard were those families with children on a special GAPS diet. See GAPS and kids forum on Facebook. It made me realize I did not have a plan B and if a disaster happened, Kennedy’s [...]

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