Hamburger Soup

This is our emergency meal. I normally make two huge stockpots of beef bone broth and then turn them into this soup/stew. I keep them in the freezer for emergency meals. If I get into a bind and don’t have anything for dinner, I quickly thaw one out and dinner is served. Add some raw cheese to top it off [...]

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Beef Stock

Ingredients 8 lb Beef bones & joints cut 2″ wide 1 Chopped Onion 4 Celery (Chopped) 4 Carrots (Chopped) 4 Bay leafs 1 Garlic head halfed horizontally 3 Sprig Thyme 3 Sprig Oregano 3 Sprig Rosemary 5 oz Tomato Paste (Mixed with a few tablespoons of red wine) 1 Cup Red Wine 3 Tbsp Coconut Oil Salt & pepper Directions [...]

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Mother-n-Law’s Best Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock Recipe

My mother-n-law makes the best chicken stock in the world. And no matter what I do I can’t seem to recreate it exactly, although I can get close with her recipe. Her secret is she puts about double to triple the amount of spices and goes overboard with the salt and pepper. The picture represents the amounts she uses as it [...]

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