Are You Pro Life?


Hopefully that tagline got your attention! Here is where it stems from: “There is no such thing as a pro-life opponent of medical marijuana.” -Ann Lee 6/8/2014 Texas NORML Regional Conference And the point is how can one be so dead set on campaigning for “life” and NOT be FOR medical marijuana that is saving people’s lives? We are at [...]

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1st Ever Dravet Awareness Day – June 23, 2014


Today is the first ever Dravet Awareness Day and so I am scrolling through Facebook reading everyone’s stories and feeling overwhelmed and sad for each one of these children. Here is pretty much the overall sentiment for the disease itself: “No one knows what Dravet Syndrome is. Because there’s no research, no studies, no federal funding, no specialized treatment, know [...]

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Praying For The Impossible – Where I Have Been Spending My Time Lately


About 7 months ago I was reading heartbreaking stories in the GAPS kids forum on Facebook while begging and pleading to God to heal these children. I was reading about families who wanted to do the GAPS diet but were experiencing difficulty financially because of all the therapies and such not being covered under insurance. This broke my heart and I wanted [...]

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Educate, Don’t Activate = Spreading Hope


O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A where I spent my day on Saturday to support the Realm of Caring. Lol, no I am not a groupie. My husband wasn’t able to make the trip to California and I wanted him to meet Paige, Joel and Josh. So, we embarked on the 3 ½ hour drive to Oklahoma city. It was a completely different tone than [...]

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The EPA lets us have more poison


  THE EPA just recently allowed more Glyphosphates PPM (parts per million) in a text identified by docket identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2012-0132. What does this mean? It means more poison in the food supply. Nothing big. According to the Washington Times: Monsanto began marketing glyphosate under the Roundup trade name in the 1970s.  Roundup quickly became popular and gained even wider [...]

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Growing meat in a lab


I don’t know how I missed this, but back in August of this year, it was revealed that the world’s first test tube burger was grown, displayed, cooked and eaten in London, UK. Grown in a laboratory in the Netherlands by a team of scientists led by Mark Post, a medical physiologist at Maastricht University, the burger is made up of [...]

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Artificial ingredients, GMO food, and now artificial blood?

bloodbag 0001

Yes, you read that correctly, scientists in Romania have created artificial blood. The blood contains water and salts along with a protein known as hemerythrin which is extracted from sea worms. This has been tested in mice so far without any adverse effects. It will take at least two years of extensive testing before trials will begin on humans. This leads [...]

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Realm of Caring Conference California – Fear, Superheroes and Getting Educated on Cannabis


I was blessed to be able to fly to California from Texas last minute for a conference the Realm of Caring was putting on this weekend. We are leaning heavily towards introducing medical cannabis to Kennedy’s regimen. And California just makes sense since that is where we are originally from and my husband’s whole family lives there. This is a [...]

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Bugs… it’s what’s for dinner

We’ve all heard about how people in foreign lands eat bugs, in Cambodia, they are plentiful in marketplaces, and an many corners of the world. As a general rule, however, here in America, we don’t include insects as part of our culinary palette. (although the description of this product here seems a little strange). That may soon change, however, as Bill [...]

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