Kennedy’s Story

The Journey we have been on as a family has been long, frustrating, miraculous, and just about any other emotionally charged adjective you can think of. We have been through a lot with our little girl, but most of all, we have been blessed. Please follow along with How It All Began, share with us in our Discoveries, and learn how our family has been healing through the power of Healthy Food choices.

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  1. Lynn Monteith says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I met you at the conference in Dallas. I was at the booth with the Branch Basics. I just watched and read your whole site and its wonderful. Your daughter is so beautiful. You are so lucky that you recognize the “voice” of God to heal your child. Marilee Nelson, my sister-in-law who saved MY daughter Allison, was unusually vocal about the EMF’s. I loved what she said about not being upset about the information, but to take joy in it because you have more ways to improve her healing. She has so many clients that are so sensitive to EMF’s that they cannot even live in a city or town with wifi. There was no such thing many years ago and now so many suffer and they do not know what it is that is effecting them. No doubt the vaccinations were the culprit and they could have made her EMF sensitive. I cannot use a Smart Phone (I do not think they are very smart) or I will get a pounding migraine. Anyway, I am thinking about you and saying prayers for Kennedy. You are doing great work in helping others learn. Marilee does not take a step every morning without praying to God to guide her to which phone calls she will return that day. She is a faithful follower of the Lord. Please feel free to call her, she will remember you…..
    all my best

  2. Melody says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I use to go to school with your dad and he said on facebook to check out your site. So I did and my heart ached for you and your daughter. What a beautiful daughter you have. I’m so glad you and her are doing better. I can tell you as a parent that knows the hurt you feel for your child when they are hurting. I have 2 sons and they both have leg perthese which is a bone disease. And we went thru an aweful lot of years of surgeries. And recently I went thru something real tragic my husband shot me in the chest with a 20 gauge shotgun. Yes he tried to kill me. But I tell you what if I didn’t have the faith of the Lord I wouldn’t be here to tell you about this today. Keep the faith and can pull you thru anything. I don’t take anitdepressant nor have I taken any pain pills after coming home from the hospital. And I gotta tell ya what I’ve gone thru in this last year is remarkable. And its all because I beleive in God. Keep the faith. I’m glad your little girl is better.


  3. We abosultely love Kennedy’s story and wish her the world. I truly believe pure, nutrient dense foods are the key to much recovery and life long vitality, and we hope this message reached millions of people in it’s mission to heal.

    With much love for your family,

    - The Englands

  4. Donna R. says:

    I was so moved by Kennedy’s story and your perseverance. Our children are the little canaries in the coal mine of our industrial & corporate dominated country. They are the most vulnerable to toxins including vaccines, pesticides, artificial food products, air and water pollution, etc. Eating natural, unprocessed and preferably organic foods is the answer to so many modern diseases and conditions. The medical industrial complex does not “believe in” nor understand the power of the human body to heal itself using supportive “therapies” such as diet (acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.). If you have not yet viewed it, I would recommend watching “Forks Over Knives.” This explains much about the mechanisms of how your daughter’s body is healing and why. It sounds like you have been a good Warrior Mom for her – following your heart and your spiritual guidance to defend her and help her heal. Best wishes for continued health for Kennedy and your whole family. Happy New Year! Donna R. (Mother of one terrific girl, in Maryland)

  5. I am so floored by Kennedy’s story! I thank you so much for your strength and I will share this to the ends of the earth!

  6. Heather says:

    Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking, hopeful, inspiring journey. God bless the unconventional physician that didn’t give up. God bless you, your daughter, and your family.

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