In Remembrance……

My sister would have been 56 years old today. It’s been a little over 18 years since her death by her own hand. Some days it feels like yesterday and some days it feels like a lifetime ago. Some days I’m finally at peace with it and some days it hurts like hell! But all days she is always in my heart!

Happy Birthday Glenda. My Dear Gentle Sister.

ProblemsThis was a Facebook post by my Dad today. My aunt took her own life a couple weeks after I graduated high school. It used to be considered the worst time of my life until Kennedy started having life threatening seizures. I really can’t even remember those weeks surrounding her death because it was so traumatic. I was close to my aunt and love her dearly.

Suicide is rampant in today’s society (Between 1952 and 1995, suicide in young adults nearly tripled. – It hurts our hearts when another family is devastated by a loss of this magnitude. I myself have struggled with depression, in fact, her death probably saved my life. I would never wish that upon any family to endure.

About 40,000 Americans die from suicide each year. What changes have been made in our society from 1952 to now to prompt these staggering figures? Poor food choices, our bodies are not getting the nutrients required to maintain homeostasis to keep us balanced…mind, body and spirit. Prescription meds being prescribed as if they are candy, again depleting our nutrient base or making us chemically off balanced to do things we normally wouldn’t do. The “more” mindset, work, work, work to make more, more, more leaving no time to unwind or just enjoy life. The communication age, where we are constantly connected though technology leaving no time for peace, quiet and reflection.

I’ve never thought about speaking out on the subject until Robin William’s death last month. It was horrible to watch so many people jump on a bandwagon and crucify the man. My family was so heartbroken for the William’s family, the last thing I expected was so much apathy towards the situation from others.

Suicide may look from an outsider to be a selfish act, but truly it is out of sheer desperation that one pulls the curtain down on their own life. Loneliness, sadness, darkness…’s hard to claw out of a situation like that.

What does all this have to do with a food and healing website? A lot of times the food choices we make can intensify the dark times. My mood changes with sugar. It’s much harder to keep a stable head on my shoulders when my body is completely out of whack from my poor food choices. And unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle. When I’m sad and down, ice cream calls my name. Eat more sugar, get more down. It’s best for me to avoid the sugar situation all together, but I have weak moments. I have since learned how these foods make me feel so when I get that feeling, I can identify it as a poor food choice and move along. But it didn’t used to be that easy. Keeping foods journals helps with this situation.

And sometimes it’s more than just food choices so we go to the doctor for help and prescription drugs are given to help remedy the situation. My aunt was on meds. Most of the time, this compounds the problem. Yet, cannabis has proven to help with depression.

If diet was given to her as a first line of defense and then cannabis as a second line, I strongly believe my aunt would still be walking the earth today.

There are so many natural ways to fight your way out of depression. I’m not saying it’s easy, I have barely made it out myself. For those who have been through this nightmare of a situation, I’m sorry, there are no words to make it better.  All we can do is be there for those who are fighting depression and offer glimmers of hope with natural food choices, natural medicines and most of all love.

You will never be forgotten Aunt Glenda. I pray through our suffering, someone is helped.


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