I am Not A Criminal

KennedycannabiscollageI was born a rule follower. Ask anyone who grew up with me. I didn’t break the rules. I didn’t cuss, didn’t drink, blah, blah, blah. I was the good girl. Not perfect, just the typical societal sheep that didn’t question authority.

Fast forward to my baby girl getting sick and the tide has turned. There is not one rock that will not be overturned in the hunt for her healing. I would walk every inch of this earth to find something to help her.

Two weeks ago, with my husband on FaceTime I gave our 6 year old daughter her first dose of cannabis oil. He was on the phone because our family is a medical refugee family. He still lives in our home state of Texas working to support this “radical” chance of healing our daughter.

Why is medical cannabis considered radical? Because we have all been brainwashed into thinking Marijuana is a degradation to our society. In truth, it is a medicine that is saving people’s lives.

I was invited last weekend to attend the premiere of Culture High. It should be required viewing for anyone in favor of the prohibition of Marijuana. As I sat and watched Jason David give his testimony of using cannabis oil with his son, who also has Dravet syndrome I got really angry. Well, first I bawled my eyes out and then I got mad.

We, the parents of Dravet children, go through horrendous times and no one should ever have to watch the horror of seeing their child suffer through a seizure much less hundreds of them without access to medicine proven to help.

And so we split our family to try the oil that has been a God send for so many children with this disorder.

And as the holidays approach and I try to plan Thanksgiving, I have come to the reality that I can’t make any plans. I cannot fly home to be with my parents, sister’s family and friends because I would be considered a criminal. How can that be? I have worked my whole life to be a good citizen and follow all the laws of the land and when our family needs something back from our state, the door has been shut. We are not welcome anymore.

We received a phone call from a friend last week telling us not to even consider coming home because authorities are waiting for a family like ours to make an example of. How could anyone even consider arresting us or taking our children from us? We have done everything in our power to heal our child.

Our daughter has seizures and no mainstream medical doctor has offered any solutions except hard core pharmaceuticals which would forever alter her brain. We finally have a chance to try medicine that may help our daughter not have any more seizures and what do we get in return? My 6 year old and 8 year old and I may not travel back home for the holidays or live, for that matter in our own home.





I am not a criminal and nor are my little girls. We just want the chance to live a normal life without the fear of seizures looming over us.

P.S. Day 14, seizure free tomorrow.


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  1. Susan Meehan says:

    Awesome article. I am a fellow mom of a medical refuge child who misses her home, her daddy, her sisters, her school, her support systems… Hmph.


  2. Kelly says:

    Seeing as how this is quite likely under-studied, please be careful of the long term effects. I am glad you are currently getting relief from seizures, I hope it continues and is harmless in her later years of life. Also, I understand that a ketogenic diet can help decrease seizures very drastically, they won’t be completely seizure-free, but there are many success stories where kids go 6 mos or more without seizures. Yes, it takes more work and concentration and control than just drinking down an oil, but it’s legal, inarguably healthier, and isnt threatening to your family’s security.

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Kelly, if you took time to read the rest of my site, you would have realized that she has been on a special diet for 3.5 years. I have been cooking all of her food from scratch for that long, no grains, no sugar, no processed food, nothing….just as hard as the keto diet. People like you are the reason I wrote the blog. In the future, know the whole situation before commenting. It took a lot of time and research to come to the decision to give this to our child. It wasn’t easy and food was our first option. Now, we are doing food and cannabis which “takes more work and concentration than just drinking down an oil.”

    • Billie says:

      Kelly, are you aware of the long term effects of anyone on seizure medication? This always amazes me when people (even dr’s who are against natural medication or natural remedies) say something like “be careful of the long term effects”. I am sure she has read up on it completely and is aware of all the testing that has or has not been done. The long term effects of any medication (and I am talking about legal prescription drugs here), and especially chemically altered ones are NEVER great, but what is life without your child being able to leave your home even to go to school because he/she is literally having numerous seizures an hour, much less being able to have a normal childhood, running and playing, or being involved in sports. OF COURSE there may be negative long term effects just like “legal” medication, but in the mean time your child can function! Please be open minded and be an advocate for these parents, children, or other individuals that suffer a debilitating disease that this oil can help. They need us all to stand up and say that this medication is no different than any other controlled substance out there that is mandated by our federal government.

  3. Tara says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have ever looked into homeopathy as a treatment for your daughter’s seizures. Specifically, getting a constitutional remedy (from a trained homeopath) to address everything about your daughter’s case, including the seizures. I just wanted to mention it, in hopes that it might be of help to you and your daughter.

  4. Maribel says:

    Praying for you and your family. My mother has Parkinsons and we are waiting to try the oil. She has had so many complications from the synthetic medications used to treat Parkinsons, that nothing is working anymore. Can’t wait to see my mom get some relief. God Bless!

  5. `Matt says:

    Unfortunately you will run in to a lot of these close minded, insensitive comments now that you have “gone public” with your story, Dawn.
    You’re most definitely not a criminal, you are a pioneer, a trail blazer, an architect of change, but most importantly, a mother who will and has done the best for her child. Please consider sharing your story with Amber Lyon at http://www.reset.me, I know that they would love to hear from you. I wish you and your family all the best, and much love :)

    Kelly, please consider reading a few articles on that website, and educate yourself before commenting on things you clearly no little about. Also, please consider watching Dr Sanjay Gupta’s documentary on cannabis. As I am from the UK, I can’t speak truthfully for his credentials, but as a neurosurgeon and former chief medical correspondent for cnn, I’m sure he knows better than either of us :)

  6. Renee says:

    You are doing the very best thing you can for your daughter. Where the rest of the world cannot see past their indoctrination I know that CBDs have immense powers in children with your daughter’s disorder. Stay strong and know that families like mine back you up 100%. You’re an amazing mother <3

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