Packing For Vacation; GAPS Style

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We have been on the GAPS diet for over 2 years. We traveled last June to the Bahamas and this year we are traveling to Costa Rica. Last year we stayed at a resort and this year we will be staying at a house on the beach. Both places have full kitchens so cooking isn’t a problem. The problem is [...]

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Mistakes I’ve made on GAPS


I was listening to an awesome sermon on a podcast the other day and he was talking about how as a society we tend to spin our images without mistakes. He said “authenticity is the path to full acceptance before God.” He also said that when people or organizations make mistakes instead of owning up to them, we tend to pull [...]

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FPIES Friend

In November when I got the privilege to attend the Weston A. Price Conference in Dallas, TX I met another mother whose child is on the GAPS diet. She came up to me and gave me her card as she recently started a GAPS kids forum. She had heard my story in Dr. Natasha’s question and answer segment of her [...]

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Gut and Psychology Syndrome

This book changed my life! SCD got me started, but GAPS changed everything. I learned about this book through the Dravet forum from someone over in Europe. I went to her website and ordered it immediately. She is a neurologist and a certified nutritionist who healed her son of autism. I got to meet Dr. McBride-Campbell in person and she [...]

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Gut and Psychology Syndrome – Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell

I got the privilege to meet Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell this past weekend. She is the author and creator of the GAPS protocol. GAPS – Gut and Psychology syndrome is an awesome and amazing book. This is the diet that Kennedy and our family currently adhere to. Dr. Natasha spoke all day Friday and then took questions for the last [...]

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