And So It Begins – We Started Cannabis Oil Today

supportmmjI am 100% for the treatment of illness with whole plant cannabis. I am 100% for the complete legalization of marijuana.


it still took two seizures and me at my wit’s end before I pulled the trigger to give it to my child. Kennedy has been completely natural for over 3 years with no treatment from any type of doctor’s office. And even though cannabis is completely natural, it’s still a regimen prescribed by a doctor. It shouldn’t be, but it is and I think that messed with my head.

It was Thursday, September 11th and we met with a doctor to get Kennedy’s letter for cannabis. She was great and I like her a lot. But she said those dreaded words I have worked so hard to get out of my head “it’s the natural progression of Dravet.” I don’t want to hear it. I was like a little kid throwing a tantrum putting my fingers in my ears and screaming go away.

And so we left after an hour with letter in hand and me cowering in defeat as if I just revisited a war zone I had once been a part of. So much of life is positive thinking and leaning on hope to get you through difficult times, the last thing I needed was to hear a negative opinion.

And so, as if it was four years earlier leaving Dr. Laux’s office in Chicago with Kennedy’s horrible prognosis and prescription for three meds, I was sad and determined to not to go in the direction she pointed me in. I dug my heels in the ground and convinced myself that medical cannabis was not the right route for Kennedy.

I have researched cannabis and all the awesome healing qualities it provides for one solid year. I have attended conferences, read countless articles and testimonies seen it work within my own family and other families close to us. But I let one phrase, throw me into PTSD and I prepared for war.

I upped my game with nutrition and even threw supplements in, when past experience has always been negative with them. I painted the doc as public enemy #1 and I was going to single handedly defeat her. Unfortunately, I changed too many things too fast and ended up making a good 18 day seizure free run into two seizures within 6 days.

It took a friend over to the house really drilling into the “why’s” of why I didn’t start the cannabis oil yet. She was confused. I had talked about this for over a year and now I had it and I wasn’t doing anything with it. There are no side effects, what was my problem?

It all comes back to fear and negativity. Don’t let it in or else it sets up shop and becomes that nagging houseguest that won’t ever go away.

kennedytakingmedPrayer, meditation, the power of positive thinking and wisdom overcame the mindset of “Dravet will forever define who my child is” and we started the cannabis oil this morning. With Daddy on Facetime, we all faced the fear together and prayed for the cannabis oil to heal Kennedy. Please join us in lifting up our child for healing and join us in fighting to get Cannabis legalized nationwide so our family can be put together again.

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