Hand in Hand – Diet and Cannabis Oil


Last September I wrote a blog about “Saying Goodbye to the GAPS diet.” The verdict is still out but it was either the best or worst decision I have made in the past couple of years in regards to her health. I slowly incorporated starches into our regimen. At first it was very small amounts of quinoa. Then I let [...]

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I am Not A Criminal


I was born a rule follower. Ask anyone who grew up with me. I didn’t break the rules. I didn’t cuss, didn’t drink, blah, blah, blah. I was the good girl. Not perfect, just the typical societal sheep that didn’t question authority. Fast forward to my baby girl getting sick and the tide has turned. There is not one rock [...]

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Weighing The Odds – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Vaccination. Syringes with vaccine and space for text. 3d

For me the decision is easy. I will not vaccinate my children anymore. Of course, it took a horrible vaccine injury (and 1000′s of hours of research) for me to come to that conclusion. For new mommas, the decision is hard and I respect the choice. I try and talk to someone daily about our story to save another family [...]

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Another Texas Child In Need of Cannabis – Alexis’s Story


As told by Dean Bortell Alexis is my eight year old daughter who has ‘generalized epilepsy’ which essentially is a diagnosis for seizures of unknown origin. Our story starts late one evening in July 2013 when my wife and I witnessed Alexis’s first seizure at our home in Rowlett, TX. It was devastating.  As disabled veterans, both my wife and [...]

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A Day In Our Life……

new day

We were driving to Reagan’s paddleboarding practice. It is her favorite extracurricular activity. My husband had just left the same day to go back to Texas. (If you are not caught up with our story, we recently split our family between Texas and California so that we can have Medical Cannabis as an option for our child) It takes a [...]

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In Remembrance……


My sister would have been 56 years old today. It’s been a little over 18 years since her death by her own hand. Some days it feels like yesterday and some days it feels like a lifetime ago. Some days I’m finally at peace with it and some days it hurts like hell! But all days she is always in [...]

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Puzzle Pieces – Magnesium, Masking and Essential Oils

Egg Yolks

We recently made some hard decisions and split our family so that Kennedy could have a better chance of healing. A month ago Reagan, Kennedy and I made our way into a beach town in Southern California. Why a beach town? Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell suggests that ocean living promotes healing. Why California? A chance to try Medical Marijuana without [...]

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